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FOC Training on Essential E-Commerce Tools for New Business Owners.


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Engage Your Own Personal Cameraman

Your own Personal Cameraman will focus on you only when you are attending an event as an invited speaker, trainer, event emcee, VIP, etc. All footage can be edited to your liking and uploaded online. Your followers will certainly enjoy seeing you in action.

Engage an Experienced Events Videographer.

Show to all your prospective clients and customers that you are capable of organizing a successful event and this will certainly enhance your professional image for yourself and your business. All footage can be edited to focus on key highlights of your event.

Engage an experienced Events Videographer as your own Personal Cameraman to improve your professional image.
Rate Starts From RM800

Customise Your Social Media Video

Got some ideas on how you can better promote your business or professional-self with social media videos? Then speak to someone here who shoots a lot of videos. Customised script, storyline editing and integration of digital animations can be discussed.

Essential E-Commerce Tools Training

To support new ventures, I am offering this FOC training to any new Business Owner who engages me to customize a business social media video. I will cover basics of Analytics, Google marketing and other relevant e-technology topics.

Customise a Business Social Media Video + FOC Training on Essential E-Commerce Tools
Rate Starts From RM1500

Digital Video Editing

Just pass to me any type of video footage from cameras or smartphones: business related, family events, holiday trips, past weddings, etc. Even a bit of editing can make your video more enjoyable to watch when you show it to friends, family or clients.

Photoshop Image Editing

Just some examples of what can be done: remove unwanted objects in photos, blend-in an external object into photo, smoothen skin surface, fix too bright or too dark photos, add-in effects for printing output purposes and image manipulation.

Digitally enhance your videos and photos before you upload and show it to the world!
Rate Starts From RM300

Enjoy Special 20% Discount

Clients will enjoy a 20% discount off published rates if the video shoot location is in Petaling Jaya and held between the hours of 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday. A full upfront payment must be made to enjoy this discount.

FIRST, show to your clients and customers your business video. After you get their attention, then only you show them your brochures and prospectus and proceed to close the deal.

Why? Because for one thing, videos are not only more interesting to watch but it is also able to effectively tell MORE about your professional-self and your business in a short period of time compared to traditional media. Let your video do the introduction for you, then you can focus more on the other matters that get the deal done. You also need not worry about having no Internet connection as all the videos and photos that I shoot for you can be edited and viewed OFFLINE on multiple digital devices, thus you can show it to anyone while on-the-go. Afterall, your next big client could very well be someone you meet at a non-work occasion and therefore you need to be able to quickly introduce your professional-self with more than just a typical name card.

Social Media Websites

You can also choose to share your videos and photos on popular social networking websites such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, WordPress, etc. While advertising on traditional media such as newspapers, magazine and TV still have its usefulness in today's online world, by itself however it is no longer sufficient to reach the wider market of your prospective customers and buyers who are increasingly spending more time online with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc...Ask any new age business owners and they will likely to tell you that even a simple video recorded by an amateur with a smartphone could bring-in a small amount of publicity and sales leads; therefore just imagine how much more a proper video production could enhance your professional image and your business.

Video and Photos Vintage Title

Here is just a small sample of my videos from more recent activities that I uploaded to my new YouTube channel. Especially in the last couple of years, I have also been working on improving my photography skills and I have also included some photos below. If you wish to engage me as your Photographer, my rate will be lower than my video production rates and I will do my best to produce detailed and meticulously composed photos suited to your requirements.

About Me Vintage Title
About Me Video Producer Profile
About Me Vintage Title

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